The Five Best Humor Sites

Everybody loves to laugh. No one can say they honestly don’t enjoy a good chuckle. Making people laugh is a great business to be in. Here are five websites that do it on the daily.

1. College Humor. This popular website can get a little raunchy at times, but for the most part they deliver new and creative humor. The website contains everything from pictures and video to cartoons and animation. I’m sure you can keep your busy for quite some time by browsing their selection.

2. The Onion. This website is a news satire. They call themselves “America’s finest news source. Most of their stories are parodies of original news stories that are happening or creative and even sometimes believable alternative news stories. Many people have been found guilty of thinking these news stories were real before they knew about the site.

3. The Chive. Many popular internet pranks and publicity stunts have originated from the creators of The Chive. They often imitate every day situations to create funny pictures or videos. People often have to take a second thought onto whether these pictures are real or just created as a publicity stunt.

4. Funny or Die. This website is mainly browsed for their videos. There are many celebrities who host funny videos here that they participate in. Humor and familiar faces work well together.

5. You could entertain yourself for hours on this site. Browse their picture collection, their articles or videos and you will surely find something you consider overly clever.

All five of these website deliver smiles and giggles every day. If you want to get in the business of making people laugh then team up with Las Vegas web design company Raster Media to get your ideas going. Come on, we’re sure you have some good jokes.


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